Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Boy and First day of Pre-K!!

My little man is 4 years old! I hate it, but I am so proud of him. He has been the best child I could ever ask for! ( even through the terrible 2's and 3's) Let's see what this year has in store for us. It is amazing seeing and hearing all the things he does and says. He makes me laugh out loud daily.

The other day, he was praying before bed and this is what I heard " Dear Lord, Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall, would you put him pieces together again?" Amen
That just made my heart melt. He is so precious and thoughtful sometimes.

We had a small, intimate birthday party for him. Ray's family and Wesley's closest friends came.  He wanted Logan and Wilder from daycare to come also, but I wanted to keep it simple. He received a bunch of toys and few clothes ( The clothes I loved) :D

                                         The day of his Birthday! He loves his Mommy!
 His Big Gun that he received from Uncle Josh * Rolls eyes* lol!
                                                               First day of Pre-K
                                                            Waiting on the doors to open
                                                          Eating Sonic before church
                                                                   He is so awesome!
                                                     Spider webbing me
                                                                 On the way to class!
                                                         So exciting!!!

So he finally has started Pre-K! He has been so excited for this day ever since he was accepted. He did not even care when I left him. He was ready to play! He asked everyone that he passed if they liked his "back pack". He was so wore out after I picked him back up. He slept all that afternoon until the next morning.

Day 2. He was trying to describe one of his teachers to me. This teacher is Holiness and wears her hair scrunched and piled up on her head.
He said " you know Ms. Emily? He grabbed his hair and made fist and said " she got that hair.. you know? it is in circles? lol! I thought that was so funny!

He also was telling me about when he was being mean in school and Ms. Britney made him sit with his head on the table. He then said that she made him sit in the time out chair facing the wall. He said I cried, and told her I did not want too. He said " I don't want to do her TRICKS mom!

So of course I had to give him the speech about listening to his teachers.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pictures of my boy.. I mean man!

In exactly 1 1/2 month my little man will be 4! He is rushing it too :( He wants to go to school so bad he is probably stressing his little body out about it. Last night's argument consisted of Wesley saying he is 4! I was like no... you are 3! remember you will turn 4 on August 16th. He said no mom... I am 4! I don't like 3. I was like whatever.. you just want to go to school and have a birthday party.
 Which then caused his eye's to light up and turn the conversation to his birthday present list.  Mommy! I want a Power Ranger's Ninja! and I want Transformer toys! and I want a motorcycle toy! lol... such a big list for a little guy. But needless to say I am proud of my growing boy. :D

 His mom forcing him to pose for the camera, He doesn't understand why his time is wasted for this. :)
 Wearing Daddy's work boots! He kept tripping over them. lol
 He had the belly laughs! I had him dying laughing over something so silly

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where is the weight coming from????

I am 14 weeks along with my 2nd child. So far I have gained 26 lbs.... I knew I was eating a lot, but I have no idea what is causing me to gain 2 lbs a week!!! After the tears and weeping last night, I started making a game plan, No more burgers as snacks! No more cokes! No more candy! No more sweets! I will try and do better with my eating, and start walking in the afternoons. Now that my sickness is getting a little better, This shouldn't be too hard!.
 WRONG! I starved myself until 10:30 (normally by this time, I have already consumed anywhere from 600-1000 calories) At 10:30 I allowed myself some carrots and broccoli with ranch. Then... I got horribly sick.. I stopped what I was doing, and ran up the stairs at work and grabbed a Kool-Aid Jammer and started chugging before I started vomiting. That helped me alot! so I can do this! as long as I have a sugar pick-me-up nearby.
Thankfully, I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and I will be able to voice my concerns regarding my weight. (of course, after he does the lecture talk about how fast I am gaining) Maybe he can put me on some kind of diet or give me a menu or something!
It's not looking good. I will probably gain anywhere from 80lbs to 100lbs if I keep going at this rate. :( :(  Please help me Father in Heaven! I am trying to avoid the stomach stretch marks... Also, I am concerned I may get the diabetes that is associated with pregnancy.

On the bright side of things, Wesley was accepted into Pre-K!! He is so excited and he feels the need to ask me everyday if we can go to teacher school. I tell him he has to wait until his Birthday and he turns 4. He then argues " but I am already 4"  yea... he is in the little white lie stage... He has decided that he wants a Ninja Power Ranger back pack... ( oh goodness, I hope they have those in the stores!) I think it would be really fun for him and his  BFF (that also was accepted) to go and pick out their own back packs together. I think I am as excited about this as he is! SAVE $$$ on Daycare! lol!
I know when the 1st day of school comes, I am going to cry big tears but for now We are celebrating :)

Lunch hour is here! Clock out

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One little growing mystery...

Well, we are (9) weeks into growing this little mystery. Technically that means I have 31 more weeks left before we get to meet this little joy, that will be added to our family. I cannot honestly say (yet) what gender I would like to have. A little, bitty part of me would like to have a girl, but to be honest, the other MAJOR part of me gets terrified at the thought of a girl. As of right now, I think that it's going to be another boy, and that will make me so happy too. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE little boys. I would like to say I just don't see how you can go wrong with a little boy. ( that is until I meet up with my youngest brother.. tehe)
This morning, Wesley was dressed in slouchy cotton sports pants, shirt, sandal's and (1) glove. ( not sure what was going on with his striped glove this morning, that he insisted he wear) and he still looked so adorable. Girl's cannot pull off the raggedy look as good as that! I just looked at him and rolled my eye's muttering " I hope it's casual Thursday today at the daycare".

But anyways, back to the sickness.. Uh.. I mean PREGNANCY! ha.. what was I thinking... sickness... psssh... two words for that. IT STINKS! I feel like I am dying! It's like having the flu 24/7! God BLESS the people that invented ZOFRAN! ZOFRAN is MY FRIEND! I would probably not be here today if it wasn't for ZOFRAN! I could say that brand name over and over... Maybe I could make a few $$$ in advertising for them. ;)
I feel like I am getting stretch marks. yes. already at 9 weeks! I don't see them yet, but I can sense them lurking just underneath my skin. Please, please work Coco Butter. I was fortunate with Wesley but this time The WEIGHT will probably get me! I have already gained 16 lbs. tehe.. my nurse was like.. You weighed How much before you knew you were pregnant. but I just blame it on the sickness. It's the only thing that makes me feel better. so I nibble on something ALL the time. Yes... I do get tired of food. sooo tired of trying to find something to satisfy me.

I thank the Lord that he sent me this new job that I have now. I currently am working at Clearview Cancer Institute. YAY! Free insurance on myself! BUT, I am trying my best to convince Ray that we can make it with me staying at home. I feel like with me paying daycare and the amount of gas I am spending now back and forth to work. It's just not worth the money for me to be working. I can stay at home with my children. . I mean.. C'mon! I can babysit 1 child and make up the difference. now... if only I can find someone to babysit. :) But Lord willing once the baby comes, The Lord will make a way for my desire to be at home. It is just sad thinking about everything I am missing in Wesley's life right now. I missed nearly every thing.. I think it would just tear me apart to have to go through that twice.

On the bright side! Hopefully, I will get to see my new niece this weekend! Allie Kate, Dolan and Jennifer's new daughter. She had some problems and had to stay in the NICU for couple of weeks. but she was finally able to come home! I am so happy for them!

Dusty and Laura invited us to their house this Saturday for dinner and hopefully to go swimming! YAY!!! I Love swimming. I hope I feel ok and the weather holds out for this weekend. :)

I am off of here for awhile. :) Peace!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I had a dream...

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I started reflecting on the dream that I had last night and what it could mean. It just seemed so surreal.

In my dream, I was part of a group of people that were fighting for good. We had been captured and held hostage by fowl, gruesome creatures. We had been striped of our weapons and thus we were weak and helpless against an endless number of these... Creatures.

I remember the temptations that we were faced with. So many images of things that we could have. I remember thinking, I have no option. I have to get to my master. I have no desire to become a roaming, devouring creature.

One night, I was able to escape with the help of my group. I fled, searching for my weapon. I was able to locate my weapon that was hidden from all eyes. I felt great relief that I would once again have my strength back. My fingers closed about the weapon, but the beasts were every where, attacking from all angles. I lost my fragile hold and the weapon was once again lost. Even though I once again felt defeat, I had received knowledge in that fight. FEAR!. I then knew that the beasts feared our weapons. They could be easily defeated and slaughtered by them. I was taken back to our prison and I told my group about what I knew. We were then comforted to know that if we could find out weapons, we would one day be able to reach our master.

I was just wondering what does my weapon consist of? Does it mean praying and fasting? Or Love and Charity? I don't know.. Makes me wonder where I need to search...

-Mollie Coffey

Monday, November 21, 2011

Life goes on...

Have you ever had that few minutes in life that you wish you could rewind and redo? well that is how I am feeling right now. Ray tells me all the time that I carry my feelings on my sleeve and I handle things like a baby. The sad thing is I know he is right. Since I have been married, I have been forced to grow up and deal with the real world. and It is a harsh world. No one cares about you in the real world. It makes me feel relief that at the end of a long day I still have family and few friends that deeply care for me.
Back to the subject of the rewind button, well at my job today, after all day of putting up with silly jokes about my religion, my knowledge of movies, songs, famous people ( which is very limited) I was already feeling flustered and aggravated about having to deal with it all. In walks a co-worker that "jokingly" ??? (really????) makes ANOTHER comment about how he wishes I was hurt.( needless to say this 'co-worker' is alll the time saying how he wishes he could shoot me in the head, take a video of himself smashing a phone in my face, etc... which he say's he joking. but yea right! who says that stuff to some one as a joke? )
so that pushed me over the edge and I got upset, told them they could all go home since it was after closing and I would lock up for them. I then proceeded to rant and rave to my office manager after they had left. . Gulp* after I was done, I felt shame cover me and I started wishing for that rewind button.
I realized I was acting no better than they were, I had just showed my manager how mature I was at dealing with life and people in general. FAIL*** REWIND REWIND REWIND!! PLEASE REWIND!
Guess I need to talk to her again tomorrow and apologize for how I handled the situation by ranting and raving. I know that it put me in a bad light, especially when she doesn't know what all is going on and it's just my side of the story. man.. oh man... my mouth sure does get me in trouble alot!
I would like to say that after I got home, that things were peaceful and perfect, but no... my new crock pot recipe that I put on that morning was a complete fail and Ray could not even eat it lol!! oh well... HINT. never try the Crockpot enchilada dish. It taste like soggy hamburger helper. :S

But on the bright side of my life, Thursday is Thanksgiving and it is off to Georgia! We go every other year to be with my family! My family means so much to me. I could never express how much I love them. ( I love Ray's family too) It is always so peaceful and happy when the Finlayson's are together. There is so many of us and it gets crowded and cramped at times but there is nothing better than having your whole family together and having a great time. We always make time for skeet shooting, four-wheeler riding, boxing, board games and We ALWAYS go around the whole room/house each saying what we are thankful for, and it usually ends up most of us crying with tears of joy or even tears of sadness that PawPaw Bryant is not there to holler HUSH UP! when it gets too loud or to tell us all what he is most thankful for.

I am thankful for how I was raised. we usually have someone that no ones knows that we invited to our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. while growing up I would make comments about how I didn't like it. However, since I have received the Holy Ghost and matured some what. I realize that giving someone company, good food and laughter when they have no family is more precious than gold. If only I can follow the example that my Grandfather and relatives have set before me.

On to another subject, Wesley has learned how to ride his bicycle! with training wheels of course! YAY! He is so funny and full of life! He has me wrapped around his little finger.
The other day, we were at the store and he was talking to people as we passed by, He would start with " Hellur" they answered saying " Hi" he replied saying " No! It's HELLUR! LOLOLOL! I guess that is a sign that he was paying attention to the Madeia movie we watched the other day!

We were out shopping before that and he was having a conversation with someone on an invisible phone. He caught my attention by being so mature sounding and talking so straightforward so I started eavesdropping. I heard him say " Hello, what's going on? ............. Oh.... I heard you got shot!..... ......... That don't sound good..... by that time I was laughing so hard trying to hold it in and not interrupt him. when he got done with his call. I asked him who he was talking too, and he replied " Uncle Joe-Joe" hahaha!

I better get off here and go cuddle with my little man so he can make my day all better with his hugs and kisses!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

That was a fail....

There is nothing much on my mind tonight, guessing 11:30 at night has something to do it. I am just to restless to sleep now... I type this even as my eyes are growing heavy. :)

I logged on here to check up on my wonderful sister-in-law Jennifer Sanford's blog. because she is preggo and I love hearing the latest news. Congrats again girl! and I do not envy you that morning sickness. :P

There is just something mind-numbing and relaxing about listening to your favorite tunes when no one else is around to disturb your peace and quiet. One of my favorite things to do is listen to good music and read at the same time. preferably outside but since it is almost midnight and freezing outside... I think not.
I was expecting a busy day tomorrow but as of now it is looking pretty relaxing for the most part. I have so many things I want to do but we are not able to do until later.
#1 is to paint my kitchen! I have the color picked out I believe, or close enough to the shade of color anyhow and I am soooo excited about it.
#2 is to have my beloved hubby (wink* wink*) paint and stain my bedroom headboard for me so that it will match the rest of my furniture that he painted and stained. but life duties call and I guess we need to pay off some debt from his business that he sold first. GAH! I despise being an adult sometimes. more work and less play seems like, especially here lately.
Well, I am not happy with the direction my tired brain is taking this blog, so goodnight to all.